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Bridges For Women


Statement on Ukraine

The images of Ukrainian families ripped apart by Russia’s assault on their country are heartbreaking.

These experiences of personal and collective trauma and death are brutal on purpose, inflicted by a tyrant who is counting on the suffering of Ukrainians to force their capitulation.

At Bridges for Women, we deal with trauma’s impact every day in our counselling and support services, and we understand the lasting damage that such harm causes. We know how trauma comes in many forms and today we are seeing the pain that it delivers when inflicted on an international scale.

Bridges stands with the Ukrainian people in their time of desperation. We realize that what is happening in Ukraine might be triggering for citizens in our own community, including immigrants and Canadians of Ukrainian descent, many with families still in Ukraine. We encourage everyone to look out for themselves during this awful time and to look out for each other.

We also urge people to give what they can to those organizations that help the Ukrainian people most and not to forget that the people of Syria and Afghanistan continue to suffer terribly from the fallout of conflict in their countries. They, too, need our support.

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